How do I customize my Help Center?

You can quickly change the look and feel of the Help Center using simple WYSIWYG tools such as color pickers and font choosers. You can also change the way your content is organized with a few mouse clicks by using themes. If you're comfortable working with page code, you can dig into the site's HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

To get started, see Customizing the Help Center.

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    I bought wp4fp and made payment through ClickBank then I tried to finish my registration by filling in the form below,Username First Name Last Name E-mail Password. But no matter how many times do I try and how do I change my user name always my registration was refused and answer came,
    The username you chose already exists. Please try another one.

    I payed a lot of money and I am angry now.Plese Theach
    me how I can download wp4fb.

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